Filum has been designed following a unique sign aiming at pursuing a formal continuity between the jamb and profile of the door. The glass portion is coplanar to the wall, while the aluminium part protrudes: the jamb is detached from the wall with a minimum thickness, but then joins with the door itself, creating a unique sign. FILUM revolutionises the profile concept that, from a simple element, it becomes an integral part of the jamb and casing, not a separated part, but a continuous line creating harmony and generating formal synthesis. The final result is a homogenous door in both sides. Brian Sironi has also designed the handle and the relative support by revolutionising the concept and traditional dimensions. In fact, the proposed solution is much thinner and less evident compared to the standard found on the market and none screw in sight. This is a detail in between structural and accessory that emphasizes the essentiality and the formal pureness of the object.