Martinelli Luce

Elica is a reading LED lamp. The source of inspiration is the pure shape of the great lam- ps of the past, as “Atollo”, “Eclisse”, “Cobra”. Its purpose is to be a timeless lamp and to become an icon. Elica is proportioned to the golden ratio form and there are no technical details in view. The arm of the lamp behaves itself as a switch device. Easily moving the arm you achieve the lighting on-off of the lamp. The lighting on-off of the lamp is suppor- ted by a feedback sound, this way of working is natural and effective.

2011 | XXII Compasso d’ORO Award
2011 | Red Dot product design award
2010 | Good Design Award | Chicago Athenaeum
2010 | Selezione | Adi Design Index
2010 | Honorable Mention | Annual Deisgn Review | I.D. Magazine 2010 | Nomination | German Design Prize
2010 | iF GOLD Award
2009 | Premio speciale “Il Design dello stupore” Young&Design

photo Benvenuto Saba